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In the HBO documentary “The Golden Boy,” retired boxer Oscar De La Hoya reflects on his life in the boxing world and opens up about the various controversies that have surrounded him over the years. A key figure in exploring his tumultuous affairs and scandals is his ex-girlfriend, Shanna Moakler. From their initial encounter to a whirlwind romance, pregnancy, substance abuse, cheating, and eventual breakup, the documentary sheds light on the complex relationship between the two public figures.

First Meeting and Whirlwind Romance

The documentary delves into De La Hoya’s first encounter with Moakler in the 1990s. Captivated by her beauty and charm, he was drawn to her as the first American he dated. Moakler, a former Miss USA and actress, considered their meeting a fateful encounter, describing it as meeting a soulmate. The couple quickly became a power couple, indulging in the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Oscar De La Hoya

Rising Star: Oscar De La Hoya’s Journey to Fame

Oscar De La Hoya, known as “The Golden Boy,” emerged as a boxing prodigy from East Los Angeles. His meteoric rise to fame began in the early ’90s when he won a gold medal in boxing at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, capturing the hearts of fans and solidifying as a rising star in the sport.

Oscar De La Hoya

Pregnancy, Substance Abuse, and Cheating

Six months into their relationship, Moakler discovered she was pregnant, and the couple got engaged, moving into a dream home together. However, their happiness was short-lived as De La Hoya faced allegations from his ex-girlfriend claiming he fathered her son, Jacob. While Moakler stood by him, more revelations came to light when another woman, Angelique McQueen, revealed she had a son named Devon with the boxer. The burden of fatherhood overwhelmed De La Hoya, leading him to turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Infidelity also plagued their relationship, with Moakler confronting accusations of cheating.

Facing Allegations: Oscar De La Hoya’s Response to Rape Accusations

As De La Hoya’s indiscretions continued, Moakler refused to believe the allegations of rape made against him in Mexico, dismissing them as attempts for money and attention. However, as his cheating escalated, the couple’s relationship started to crumble. De La Hoya’s producer suggested he should date a Latina to gain respect in the Mexican community and introduced him to singer Millie Corretjer. The boxer’s subsequent public appearance with Corretjer at the Latin Grammy Awards marked the final straw for Moakler. Confronted by Moakler, De La Hoya admitted he no longer loved her, leading to the end of their relationship.

The Breaking Point and Public Betrayal

As Oscar De La Hoya’s unfaithful actions continued to come to light, Shanna Moakler could no longer turn a blind eye to the painful truth. The ultimate heartbreak occurred when photographs emerged, capturing De La Hoya in the company of Millie Corretjer, a prominent Latin pop singer, during a public event. This betrayal shattered the trust that had once bound Moakler and De La Hoya, ultimately marking the irreversible path to their eventual breakup.

Post-Breakup Life: Oscar De La Hoya’s Marital Journey with Millie Corretjer

Following the breakup, De La Hoya married Corretjer, with whom he had three children before their separation in 2016. Throughout his career, the boxer faced numerous ups and downs, battling controversies, and trying to redefine his image.

Oscar De La Hoya
De La Hoya’s Marital Journey with Millie Corretjer

Lessons Learned: Oscar’s Path to Personal Growth and Redemption

As the years passed, De La Hoya reflected on his past mistakes and the toll they had taken on his life. He acknowledged his shortcomings and sought to make amends, not only with those he had hurt but also with himself. Through therapy and self-discovery, he aimed to find redemption and inner peace.

Legendary Legacy: Oscar De La Hoya’s Enduring Impact on Boxing

Despite the tumultuous controversies surrounding him, Oscar De La Hoya’s imprint on the boxing universe stands unparalleled. Esteemed for his extraordinary skill, magnetic charisma, and impactful contributions to the sport, De La Hoya continues to command respect and admiration. His journey, rife with both challenges and successes, serves as a profound testament to the intricacies of fame and the significance of embracing vulnerability as a source of inner strength. The Golden Boy’s enduring legacy resonates as an inspiration to all, showcasing the indomitable spirit required to navigate the highs and lows of a celebrated career in the spotlight.


“The Golden Boy” documentary provides an intimate look at the life of Oscar De La Hoya, showcasing the various controversies and challenges he encountered both in and out of the boxing ring. The tumultuous relationship with Shanna Moakler played a pivotal role in exploring his personal struggles and infidelity. Despite the hardships, De La Hoya continues to be an influential figure in the boxing world, leaving a lasting impact on his fans and admirers.

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