North Korea Warned: Any Use of Nuclear Weapons Spells the End of the Regime 

Published by: Fantasy Blogg

South Korean Defense Ministry's Warning: The South Korean Defense Ministry issued a stern warning to North Korea, stating that any use of nuclear weapons against the US or South Korea would lead to the end of the North Korean regime. 

Estimated North Korean Warheads: As of January 2022, the Arms Control Association estimates that North Korea possesses approximately 45 to 55 nuclear warheads. 

USS Kentucky's Call at Busan: The US nuclear ballistic missile submarine, USS Kentucky, made a call at the South Korean port of Busan during the inaugural meeting of the South Korea-US Nuclear Consultative Group. 

North Korean Defense Minister's Response: In response to the USS Kentucky's presence, North Korean Defense Minister Kang Sun-nam hinted that it could be a condition for Pyongyang to use nuclear weapons. 

Conditions for Nuclear Weapons Use: Kang Sun-nam suggested that the increasing visibility of strategic assets, like the USS Kentucky, might fall under conditions specified in North Korean law for the use of nuclear weapons. 

US Nuclear Weapons Withdrawal: Prior to the USS Kentucky's visit, the US had withdrawn all of its nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula in 1991. 

US Soldier's Arrest in North Korea: A 23-year-old US soldier, Travis King, was arrested in North Korea after fleeing across the border from the South.  

Travis King's Crossing into North Korea: Despite going through airport security to leave South Korea, Travis King managed to join a tour group and cross into North Korea. 

Implications of Nuclear Weapons Use: The warning from the South Korean Defense Ministry and the potential use of nuclear weapons by North Korea raise concerns about regional stability and the threat posed to the South Korea-US alliance. 

Uncertain Future: The situation between North Korea, the US, and South Korea remains tense and unpredictable, with the potential for further escalations and diplomatic efforts to prevent the use of nuclear weapons. 

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